Provence, 2018 Photo by  Wesley Verhoeve

Provence, 2018
Photo by Wesley Verhoeve


Postcards from Jenna shares stories and artwork from inspiring places around the world. 

All of the postcards are written by me, Jenna, and illustrated by a local kindred spirit I met while traveling.

I’m a writer who lives in different cities for a month at a time. There are two cities completed so far: Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Mariano Pascual is the illustrator from Barcelona, Toni Copani from Buenos Aires.

The stories are poetic and speak to my experiences in each city. The illustrations show a local’s perspective on those experiences.

The only way to follow Postcards from Jenna is to sign up for a postcard. A limited edition postcard is mailed to anyone who signs up for one, anywhere in the world. It’s a gift. It’s free. It’s something to keep. Sign up.

I hope to translate all of these stories into Spanish. I wrote a heartfelt note to the first 150 people who became part of this. I’m doing this because now is the time to do it.

If you must know more, write back.

In the meantime, there are 38 stories for you to read, and counting.