It all started when…

Postcards from Jenna is a poetic book written postcard by postcard.

The postcard stories are written by me, Jenna. They are illustrated by kindred spirits I meet who live in each city.

A limited edition postcard from each city is mailed to anyone who signs up for the postcards list, anywhere in the world.

… Yes, I know you have questions.

Is this a book or a postcard thing?

It's both. I'm a writer. This is a book. It's a book written postcard by postcard. I, Jenna, am living in different cities around the world for a few months at a time. My stories (they read like poetry but are epistolary narratives) are illustrated by amazing local artists that I meet in each city. I love keeping in touch with friends and meeting new ones, so I'm mailing limited edition postcards with my stories and the artwork to anyone who wants them, anywhere in the world. You're on that list if you signed up.

Can I read your book now?

Yes, there are five chapters live on this website. Start with any of them.

Do I have to sign up for a postcard from each chapter?

Once you’re signed up you’re on the list for all the future cities unless you don’t want to be. No need to keep signing up unless your address changes. 

How many people are on the list to receive postcards?

*A lot.* Currently people from 34 different countries are on the list to receive postcards. The postcards are all free for anyone receiving them, no matter where they live in the world.

Who are the artists? How do I see more of their work?

In each city I meet an artist who will illustrate the stories from that chapter, as well as the postcard for you all.

The artists are the locals. These kindred spirits and their artwork are how each city talks back.

Mariano Pascual, Barcelona
Toni Copani, Buenos Aires
Hideki Arami, 東京
Chakceel Rah, Ciudad de México
Miratrick, Berlin

Jeffrey Phillips, Logo Illustration

Each printing of the postcards features one of the artist’s illustrations from that city on the front, and one of my favorite pieces that I wrote during that time period on the back.

Who are you?

My writing answers this question best. You can also check out

Snail mail is cool but can I also follow you on social media? 

There’s now a new @postcardsfromjenna Instagram. You're welcome to follow @jennamatecki too. 

What is your process? I want to know the story behind the story.

At the end of each city (chapter), I write a behind-the-scenes email that details behind how the postcards were made, and how that particular city informed my writing. You can read all of these process notes at once on the process page, or individually below.

Berlin is a gift
Mexico City is surrealism realized
Tokyo is an introvert
Step one: admit that you write poetry

I publish my writing on this site as I go – city by city, chapter by chapter. You are witnessing a book being written.

This must take a lot of time, effort, and postage stamps.

Yes – this is quite an endeavor.

If you donate the price of a book and help me offset printing and mailing costs, I (Jenna) will directly email you an original gratitude poem.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy the writing and your postcards.

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I think the postal service lost my postcard(s). 

Let me know. I will send you a new one from wherever I currently am.

I have extra Berlin postcards. If you are still waiting on your Mexico City postcard -- make sure I know. The printer in Mexico sent me new cards, but I won't have my hands on those until mid to late October, so you may have to wait quite a bit for that one.

How do you choose the story that goes on each city's postcard?


My address changed / I need to stop receiving postcards. What do I do!?

If your address ever changes please put your new one in the sign up form on the site. I will use the most recent address for you as long as you don't change your name (yes, I personally manage and double check the master list). Give me a heads up if you want to be especially careful. 

For whatever reason if you don't want to receive postcards anymore - no sweat. Send me a note and I'll take you off both the email list and the mailing list. 

Hey - I love this. How do I support you when my postcard is free and your physical book is coming out in the distant future? Is there something I can buy? 

Show everyone your postcard: Post a photo/story and tag your postcard when you get it please @postcardsfromjenna

Tell your friends to sign up: I would love to send postcards to as many people as possible. Have them sign up

Donate to the mailing fund: If you donate the price of a book and help me offset printing and mailing costs, I (Jenna) will directly email you an original gratitude poem. It'll be a haiku. 

Thanks! I have a question that isn't in this FAQ?

The best way to get to know what this book is about is to read it. There are five chapters live on this site, and they will share with you what I cannot put words to here.

If there’s something else you’re looking for, I’d love to hear from you – in this form or on Instagram.

Now, please find a quiet spot, allow yourself to have a moment, and read about the magic of each of these places.

Jenna Matecki, Matecki & Co. LLC