‘Nomad Jenna’ illustration by  Jeffrey Phillips

‘Nomad Jenna’ illustration by Jeffrey Phillips


It all started when…

Postcards from Jenna is a poetic book written postcard by postcard.

The postcard stories are written by me, Jenna. They are illustrated by kindred spirits I meet who live in each city.

A limited edition postcard from each city is mailed to anyone who signs up for the postcards list, anywhere in the world.

I’m a nomadic writer who lives in different cities for a few months at a time.

The stories I write are informed by the format of a postcard. They are kind of like poetic narratives - letters to ‘you.’

In each city I meet an artist who will illustrate the stories from that chapter, as well as a special postcard for you all.

The artists are the locals. These kindred spirits and their artwork are how each city talks back.

Mariano Pascual, Barcelona
Toni Copani, Buenos Aires
Hideki Arami, 東京
Chakceel Rah, Ciudad de México
Miratrick, Berlin

Jeffrey Phillips, Logo Illustration


Each printing of the postcards features one of the artist’s illustrations from that city on the front, and one of my favorite pieces that I wrote during that time period on the back.

At the end of each city (chapter), I write a behind-the-scenes email that goes into the process behind how the postcards were made, and how that particular city informed my writing.

Berlin is a gift
Mexico City is surrealism realized
Tokyo is an introvert
Step one: admit that you write poetry


I publish my writing on this site as I go – city by city, chapter by chapter. You are witnessing a book being written.

The postcards are all free for anyone receiving them, no matter where they live in the world. There are currently people from 34 different countries who receive postcards.

Yes – this is quite an endeavor.

If you donate the price of a book and help me offset printing and mailing costs, I (Jenna) will directly email you an original gratitude poem.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy the writing and your postcards.

€ ¥ $ ₹ £ ₩ ₽ ₺

The best way to get to know what this book is about is to read it. There are four chapters live on this site, and they will share with you what I cannot put words to here.

If there’s something else you’re looking for, I’d love to hear from you – in this form or on Instagram. If you have a change of address, just put your new one in the site. The most recent address you put in is the one that will be used.


Now, please find a quiet spot, allow yourself to have a moment, and read about the magic of each of these places.

Chapter 1 ……………… BARCELONA
Chapter 2 ……………… BUENOS AIRES
Chapter 3 ……………… 東京
Chapter 4 ……………… CIUDAD DE MÉXICO
Chapter 5 ……………… BERLIN

Jenna Matecki, Matecki & Co. LLC